Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Phantom of the Opera...LIVE!

So on Sunday, I went to go see The Phantom of the Opera with a couple of my friends at MSU. Now, those of you that know me know that I'm completely and utterly obsessed with that musical, I can't get enough of it. So obviously I was extremely excited to go see it. Just for clarification, this blog is not to brag at all. Let's repeat that. THIS IS NOT FOR BRAGGING PURPOSES AT ALL. It's totally and completely to review it and share my opinion. I am warning you, if you plan to watch Phantom sometime and don't want the whole thing spoiled for you, please stop reading now.
So since I know the movie's storyline back and forth, it was a little strange to see a couple things out of order and even some things that were added. Or not in it at all. Now I understand that they can't do some of the things that they do in the movie, but if there was on thing that bothered me that wasn't in the story, it was the lack of clarification on the person/people in the very beginning scene. You totally could have found a way to make sure that people understood that it was Raoul in the wheelchair. Anyway, the storyline was very good. I highly enjoyed that the chandelier crashed in the middle instead of the end.
Now for the acting. I think there was a reason the Christine we got was the second Christine instead of the primary one. At some points, she TOTALLY overdid it. It was good though, but occasionally it was like crazy over the top. We'll come back to her. The Phantom was super awesome. Like, seriously. He is my favorite character, was my favorite from the beginning, and always will be my favorite. The actor knew the show very well and performed to the best of his ability, which was absolutely flawless. Well done, sir. Raoul can go die in a hole. The acting was very good, but the stage version of Raoul is very arrogant and seems to be like "Oh, it's me. I'm Raoul, look at me while I walk." He'll never be my favorite for what he did to The Phantom at the end. (He doesn't die, by the way. The Phantom is not killed by Raoul. Don't say I told you otherwise. :)) Carlotta was... Carlotta. Very well done. Madame Giry was very mysterious, as she should be. Firman and Andre were clueless, which is pretty much the point, and Meg was... well, frankly, I like movie Meg better. She seems more innocent, which is the way I've always pictured her.
Music. Here we go. If you have less than an hour on your hands, I suggest stopping now. :) So let's begin. Christine's voice was not the best. It was way more of an opera voice than we needed, she's supposed to have never sang an opera before and sound like she's just singing without all of the vibrato. She was also very sharp throughout. Sorry, madame, but it could have been just a little better. The Phantom was flawless, as I said before. He was a little out of tune at the end of The Music of the Night, but that's okay. It was one of probably two slip ups. Everyone else did a wonderful job. I loved Notes, that was hilarious. :) The pit was like OMG amazing. They played everything absolutely perfectly, which was a lot to handle. Phantom of the Opera music is utterly insane and very difficult to get under your fingers. The violin soloist was absolutely beautiful, and the same to the French Horn players. They totally blew my mind, it was so fantastic. I just wanted to go down there during intermission and give them each a big hug, but I decided that it'd be kind of creepy if I did that. Bravo all of you lovely musicians that can be underappreciated at times.
In conclusion, SALLY AYYYUNNN SWARRRM. I highly enjoyed the show, I'd gladly see it a thousand times more, and hope to see it again sometime in the future.
Your obediant servant,
O.G. ♪♫♥


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