Monday, May 3, 2010

As if my schedule wasn't ALREADY crazy, here we go with marching band.

Marching Band.
Those of us that have actually been in marching band (or, in my case, mini camp I and II...) can say that we've thoroughly enjoyed it. Those of us who are losers and haven't experienced the best part of life cannot. But I guess that's okay too. Now instead of throwing us all in the deep end, our program usually starts us off with rehearsals once a week, called Mondays in May. Today was the beginning of that sequence of events, which was fun. However, I did have to miss the majority of it for I was being inducted into the ITS. That's International Thespian Society... although most of you that read this probably already know that... anyway, Mondays in May are always fun, even though I had to miss most of it. Now when marching season comes up, you may not see posts from me for a couple of weeks. Don't worry, I didn't die. I just kind of... expired a bit. On the inside. But it's totally worth it, I promise. Oh, and marching band is indeed a sport, for those of you oblivious people who argue that it's not, and we can prove that our sport is harder than running in a circle like cavemen or tackling each other. Like cavemen, I suppose. Whew, sorry. I'll calm down now. :) In other news, happy Monday, I'll talk (or type?) to you soon!

Also, I'm really excited to see what our show will be! I hope it's something awesome! :D


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