Sunday, May 16, 2010

I love busy days...

So you know those days where you have a bajillion and one things to do?
Those days where everything that could come up unexpected does?
Don't you just hate those days? Well I don't.
I must say that I was a bit let down this morning for a reason that I'll keep confidential. Nobody died, but it was just kind of a "Darn. I wish that didn't happen. Why'd they do that?" thing. Some may know what I'm talking about, but only a select few that read this blog.
Anyway, I had church this morning, then I had a meeting about a trip, then I watched a play, now I'm home typing a blog, next I have to go to youth group, then I have to finish homework. Crazy crazy day. I bet some other unexpected things will come up as well, because that's just my life. But it's better than laying around the house being really bored, right? I'd rather do this than lounge around doing nothing. Sure, it means getting up at 8 am and staying up late to finish all the stuff I was to finish, but I love it for some reason. Maybe I'm a masochist, but it makes sense to me. I just hope I'm not losing my mind...


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