Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Blog Post.

So I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I suppose better late than never, right? :)
So yeah. It's summer, but I'm officially really bored. Those of you that have something to do every single day, you're lucky. Seriously, being bored in the summer is the worst, because there's literally nothing to do unless you're with someone, but you can't be with people every day like you can when it's not summer vacation.
It's crazy.

However, I've had a couple good times during the summer, for I've been going to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe with Shelby, Helen, and Megan. Tis a fabulous place. Haha "This tastes like... melted tootsie rolls." Right, Shelby? :) Also, I went to my friend Jessica's birthday party, which was super fun. I had a great time with some friends, made a couple of new friends, and simply had a ton of fun. It was fantastic. :)
Sadly, I must keep this blog short because I have a secret self proclaimed task for the day that will take quite a long time. (Oooooh, secret task! :D) Well, I can't tell you what it is. Please forgive me. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

I can't decide.

So I have a whole bunch of ND games that I have to review, but I can't decide which one I want to do. I'll post them all and see which one you choose. Either that or I'll just eventually pick one if I get no responses. Lol. :)

I have the game
I have to borrow the game from someone

₰ Stay Tuned for Danger
₰ Message in a Haunted Mansion
₰ Treasure in the Royal Tower
₰ The Final Scene

₰ Secret of the Scarlet Hand
₰ Danger on Deception Island
₰ Secret of Shadow Ranch

₰ The Curse of Blackmoor Manor
₰ Secret of the Old Clock
₰ Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
₰ Creature of Kapu Cave

₰ The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
₰ The Haunting of Castle Malloy
₰ Ransom of the Seven Ships

₰ Warnings at Waverly Academy

I think I'll do the ones I have first, but out of them, I don't know which one I want to do. Ugh, help!! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Phantom of Venice Review

I'm just going to say right now that this is at least in my top two games, if not my favorite. It's tied with The Haunting of Castle Malloy. However, if that game were nonexistent, this would totally be number one. I really love the city of Venice, I really love the plot, and I really love how it turns out. Plus I loved to learn a taste of Italian. ;) Okay, here we go.

Summary: 9/10
So you're called to Italy by the GDIF (AKA the Italian version of the CIA.) to try to capture this art thief who goes by "Il Fantasma". I bet you can guess what that means in Italian. Anyway, you have to stay with a snooty woman in her house, which is called the Ca Nascosta, in order to spy on a suspect that works across the street, work on a few missions with the GDIF, and get your hands a bit dirty in the final scene. Overall, the plot starts out pretty thin, but then turns to oatmeal when you really get into it. I highly enjoy the storyline and all of the tasks you get to do.

Characters: 8.5/10
Colin Baxter: Colin is a bit of a strange one. He's from Oxford, England, and is restoring this fantabulous mural in the Ca Nascosta. He's very into his work, obviously. He LOVES tessarae, which are the little blocks of... whatever they are, that murals are made of. In the beginning of the game, he starts showing you a whole bunch of these tessarae and no matter how long you sit there and watch them, he gets offended when you say you have to leave. I literally let it go for about two hours and nothing different happened. He's like "Oh, I see how it is. Girl, sit down and look at these tessarae or I will CUT you." Actually, not really. That was just me being dumb. Also, he has a crush on Nancy and creeps on her quite a bit. It's weird.
Margherita Fauberg: Margherita is a VERY Italian woman. She owns the Ca Nascosta, but doesn't want to spend all of her money fixing it up. I mean, come on. If you bought it, you've got to pay to fix it. Anyway, she loves to tan, is very private, and is critical when it comes to Nancy's style. She's okay, but she's not my favorite.
Helena Berg: Helena is originally from Germany. She is a journalist reporting on high profile crimes. She has a really funny accent, she is friendly, and she seems to like you. She doesn't actually think what the Phantom is doing is all bad, but she doesn't approve of it.
Enrico Tazza: This man is the epitome of annoying. All he does is play scopa and he doesn't ever take off this annoying mask that makes him look like a lizard. He's a weird one.
Antonio Fango: Nancy spies on this guy. She doesn't actually get to talk to him, but she does get to know him pretty well from snooping on him.
(Jeez, there are a lot of important characters in this game.)
Sophia Leporace: She's your consultant or whatever from the GDIF. You never actually get to meet her, you just get to talk to her. It's kind of weird, but she seems cool.
Also, Prudence Rutheford is in this game. "You simply must stop thinking bad things about Ginger... Yes you are! Just look at how she's shaking!"

Setting: 10/10
It's Italy. Seriously, it's Venice, Italy. You can't beat that. Plus, you get to go to a whole bunch of different places. I am completely in love with the setting, very happy with the fact that there are like twenty places to go, and am awestruck that for once, you're not stuck at only two places the whole time. Yay! :D

Graphics: 8.5/10
Graphics were pretty awesome, however, they could have used a couple more details for one of the later games.

Snooping: 9.5/10
Snooping is your job in this game. I'm not even kidding, Sophia literally tells you to spy on Antonio and break into his office to look through his stuff. It was pretty epic that you were told to snoop instead of having to decide to snoop by yourself.

Once again, this is not supposed to be a spooky game, so it'd be really dumb to rate its spookiness. Sorry, guys.

Conclusion: 9/10
Like I said, this is one of my favorites of all time, it's totally and completely epic beyond all belief. I love the game and only wish like two things would change. Brava, brava, bravissima! Questo è stato un gioco fantastico!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In order to prevent a sunburn...

Put sunscreen on, right?

Or at least that's how it went down at Cedar Point this weekend.
I put sunscreen on at least twice a day and STILL got sunburnt.


But anyway, we had a lot of fun this weekend. I rode lots of rides, had fun swimming at Soak City and Castaway Bay, and spent some quality time with my family. Mostly my sisters and my aunt, but still. You know how it is. Lol
So this afternoon, I'm going to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe with a couple of my friends, which will be suuuper fun because we get to work on our project :D

Yay for summer projects!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

I love mini camp.

Not really.
It's exhausting, but I really do like it.
I'm really tired, but just thought I'd give you all a dose of sarcasm before I went to bed.

Sweet dreams, children.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It's SUMMER! :D :D :D

Except it doesn't really feel like it because I have marching band tomorrow and I have to go back to school.
:/ :/ :/

Oh well, it's still


I can't wait to just go to the beach, hang with my friends, march, and most importantly...
Go to

Cedar Point

this weekend!

Who's excited? I'm excited.
Yeah, be jealous of my upcoming epic summer.

Monday, June 14, 2010

So it's exam week.

We've got three half-days this week, one of which is already over, and the entirety of them will be spent taking our final exams. Two exams a day, an hour and a half each. I was very afraid. Let's share my first and second exam stories.
So the schedule goes like this...
Monday: Fifth and Sixth hour, AKA History and Math
Tuesday: Third and Fourth hour, AKA SCIENCE and English
Wednesday: First and Second hour, AKA Orchestra and Wind Ensemble.
Can you tell which one I'm worried about?
Anyway, so let me tell you about my exams this morning.
History wasn't even cake, it was pie. Like seriously. Fruity pie with whipped cream on top.
It was all charts, maps, and like 20 multiple choice questions.
Math, however, was a punch in the face.
(As you can see, I'm learning how to change stuff and make it look cool. Lol)
It was crazy stuff that seemed like it was completely new. I'd be surprised if I got anything above 80% on that exam. Completely, utterly shocked. You don't even know. I can't even explain it.
Plus, all day I wasn't feeling well at all, so it was difficult to concentrate, especially on my math exam. Ugh. Oh well, it's over with now.
Now it's time for the dreaded Science exam.
Wish me luck.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I hate the end of the school year.

Sorry if you got that early, I pressed the enter button accidentally and it may have just posted a blank blog. Lol :)
Anyway, as you can see, I hate the end of the school year.
Yes, it means summer, but there are actually a lot of down sides.
First off, there are the dreaded final exams. I can't believe how much I have to study this weekend. Seriously, tomorrow is probably going to be spent studying for my history, math, and science exams. And even if I get 100% on my science exam, the best I can end up with is a C. I'm really upset about that. But all I need is a 78% to pass the class. I hope...
Second, it means that you're leaving your friends that you're not likely to see over the summer. Like the ones that you only talk to during the school day. I have a tendency to miss like everyone for some reason. I get deprived of all of the people I converse with and it's just really depressing.
Third, if you're in high school, you have to say goodbye to all of your senior friends forever. Unless you know them from an outside source, you're probably not going to see them again. It's really sad. That's my least favorite part of the end of the school year. Saying goodbye is really hard, and I just can't deal with the fact that they're gone forever. Okay, now I'm making it sound like they die... lol. But seriously, I had lots of senior friends and seeing them walk at graduation was like the figurative rotten cherry on top.
Yeah. That's about it. I think we should just not have to go to school at all and just learn everything by ourselves. That way we don't have to deal with 2/3 of these things. The end.
♫♪♥ JMJ

Monday, June 7, 2010

Secrets Can Kill review

I'm terribly sorry that I'm filling up my entire blog with these reviews, but playing the games is so much fun, and reviewing them makes it even better :)
So yeah. Secrets Can Kill. Just so you know, this will be a very low rated game. Here we go.

Summary: 4/10
This is a very very VERY cliche mystery. I understand that it was the very first, but come on. A murder at a high school? Really? Ugh. Oh well. So here's how it went down.
So you're Nancy, of course, and you've been asked to help solve the murder of Jake Rogers, for he was pushed down the stairs. Because apparantly pushing someone down twelve stairs can totally just kill them right away. Yeah.
Anyway, so you've got to interact with high school kids, not let them know you're a detective, and figure out this mystery before the killer gets away. Cliche. Completely predictable, but pretty fun overall.

Characters: 3/10
I'm sorry, but these characters just failed. I'm going to say that they looked like people from the magic school bus. Everything was 3D except the characters. Fail.
Jake Rogers: Jake's the guy who got killed. Obviously you don't interact at all with him, but he seemed to be very mean. He ends up blackmailing in the middle of the game and it's just not very nice. Oh well, he's dead now. Haha. :P
Daryl Gray: Daryl is your 'guide' throughout the game. He works at Maxine's diner and you only have to talk to him two or three times. He's a total flirt, which is creepy, student body president, and the one that found Jake at the bottom of the stairs.
Hal Tanaka: Hal is a foreign exchanged student from Japan. He's very intelligent and is always studying. He wants to be a doctor and has to get a scholarship to a high up school or else his family will be disappointed in him and make him come back home. Dumb. I like him though.
Connie Watson: Connie is really annoying. She's one of those people that thinks they're right ALL THE TIME. She just kind of kicks you out of conversations all the time and it's just really annoying to talk to her.
Hector "Hulk" Sanchez: Jock. Do I really need to tell you all how I feel about stuck up jocks who think they're just SO cool because they can throw things?
Mitch Dillon: So apparently he's the boiler technician in the book, but in the game, he just is there all of the sudden. It's just like "Oh, then Mitch did this." It's like, okay. Mitch. Nice. Here he is.

Setting: 6/10
I'm going to admit that the setting was alright. You can go to four places in all; high school, Aunt Eloise's, Maxine's Diner, and Vandalay Pharmaceuticals. The only thing that I absolutely hated when you go to different places is (You guessed it.) the disc switching. UGH. It'd be cool if you just had to pop it in, then go right away, but NO. You have to wait like three hours for the stupid disc to load. Very dumb.

Graphics: 2/10
Not even gonna go there.

Snooping: 5/10
The snooping is rather up front, so it's not really snooping. It was pretty cool that you got to break in somewhere through a window, though. :)

Spookiness: 3/10
There's like two spooky things throughout the whole game. However, if I talk about them, it ruins the game. So yeah.

Conclusion: 3.8/10
This was not a very good game, but it was fun to play nonetheless. I'm glad I actually got to finish it by myself instead of watching arglefumph do it on youtube. Yay for the beginning of a fabulous series :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Legend of the Crystal Skull review

Legend of the Crystal Skull. It's a good one, but it's not exactly my favorite. In fact, if I had to pick one of the newer ones that's my least favorite, it'd probably be this one. But oh well, it's got a good storyline. Anyway, here's my review on Legend of the Crystal skull.

Summary: 9.5/10
The storyline was probably the best part of this game, so I'm ranking it pretty darn high. You go to New Orleans, Louisiana, on a vacation with Bess to just hang out and have fun. However, Ned asks you to check up on a friend of his, Henry Bolet. (That's Bowl-ayyy, not Bowl-ettttt.) You find out that his great uncle has died and has left all of his stuff to Henry, his doctor, his housekeeper, and a dentistry school. 30% for each except for Renée, who gets 10%. Then you find out that he owned this magical crystal skull that he's hidden away, but you're not sure whether or not it's authentic. He was also the caretaker of a cemetary (in his backyard!) when he retired from being a dentist. Yeah. It gets really intricate and fabulous.

Characters: 8/10
Henry Bolet: Henry is the great-nephew of Bruno. He is responsible for taking care of all of Bruno's debts and such. He's kind of creepin at the beginning of the game, and he just seems irritated by you whenever you want to talk to him, but he's pretty cool. It's so sad though when he's crying for his parents at the crypt. I always feel bad when he runs away and Nancy's basically like "Okay, let's break into this crypt!"
Renée Amande: Renée is/was the housekeeper for Bruno. She believes in "hoodoo" and all that magical junk, which is kind of dumb, but what are you gonna do? She's just a weird lady.
Dr. Gilbert Buford: So he's really nice. I like him. He kind of creeps on Bess when you first talk to him, but other than that, he's super cool and friendly. Not to mention extremely helpful when it comes to finishing the game and stuff.
Bruno Bolet: Well you never actually interact with Bruno, because he's dead. But I thought that since he's kind of the reason this is all happening, I'd talk about him a little bit. If he were there, I think he'd be a suuuuuuper awesome old man with epic glass eyes. Yay Bruno! :D
Lamont Warrick: Lamont owns ZeKe's store on Rampart and Dumaine. You only go there a couple times, but it's really important when you do. Lamont has been looking for the crystal skull and such, but he has no idea that it's actually in Louisiana. He has nasal problems and is bothered by hot sauce, but he's a pretty cool guy :)

Setting: 6/10
Sorry, but I didn't like that you were crammed in a cluttered house and you couldn't actually leave. You just had to be Bess. Also, it's creepy.

Graphics: 8/10
Graphics are awesome. They don't look choppy at all and they're very fluid. However, it's very dark, so you can't play this game unless you're either in a dark room or it's night. My computer is right by three huge windows... yeah.

Snooping: 10/10
Snooping was awesome. You did so much of it, you might as well be a criminal. I can't say too much about it or it ruins the game, so sorry.

(Jeez, I'm keeping these paragraphs short...)

Spookiness: 7/10
There are spooky elements. (That doll, anyone? That was downright creepy.) This was definitely meant to be spooky, but it's not the spookiest one I've encountered. I'd have to say that it's not bad when it comes to being creepin, but it's nothing compared to some of the others.

Conclusion: 8/10
This game, as I said, is not my favorite of the newer ones, but the sequence is very very good. My only biff with this is that the game can be very confusing and hard to follow at times. It's one of my favorite storylines, though. Good job, HER, this was a pretty good one :)

Hello to you all :)

Dear citizens of Earth:
I haven't posted a blog post in a while, or at least one that's not talking about a game review, so here we go.
Today was the seniors' last day of high school, which means sadness to the twelfth power. Like this. :((((((((((((. That's sad. I'm going to miss each and every one of you significantly, and I really hope to see you in the future. :)
It's currently really cold. Our house is like -12 degrees. I don't like it, but it's better than being hot and humid. We also have the pool up and running and I got two new bathing suits today, which is a sign of upcoming summer! Yay! No school!
So my friends and I have been working on a top secret project that I may link to in the future, but for now it's classified. Just keep an eye out for what we've learned ;) It's taking a lot of hard work, so don't keep an eye out for it soon, it'll be a while. Oh well.
So yeah, that's my life right now. It's not very exciting, but it's life. It'll get better. Farewell, and here's a review for my next post.

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