Monday, June 14, 2010

So it's exam week.

We've got three half-days this week, one of which is already over, and the entirety of them will be spent taking our final exams. Two exams a day, an hour and a half each. I was very afraid. Let's share my first and second exam stories.
So the schedule goes like this...
Monday: Fifth and Sixth hour, AKA History and Math
Tuesday: Third and Fourth hour, AKA SCIENCE and English
Wednesday: First and Second hour, AKA Orchestra and Wind Ensemble.
Can you tell which one I'm worried about?
Anyway, so let me tell you about my exams this morning.
History wasn't even cake, it was pie. Like seriously. Fruity pie with whipped cream on top.
It was all charts, maps, and like 20 multiple choice questions.
Math, however, was a punch in the face.
(As you can see, I'm learning how to change stuff and make it look cool. Lol)
It was crazy stuff that seemed like it was completely new. I'd be surprised if I got anything above 80% on that exam. Completely, utterly shocked. You don't even know. I can't even explain it.
Plus, all day I wasn't feeling well at all, so it was difficult to concentrate, especially on my math exam. Ugh. Oh well, it's over with now.
Now it's time for the dreaded Science exam.
Wish me luck.


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