Monday, June 7, 2010

Secrets Can Kill review

I'm terribly sorry that I'm filling up my entire blog with these reviews, but playing the games is so much fun, and reviewing them makes it even better :)
So yeah. Secrets Can Kill. Just so you know, this will be a very low rated game. Here we go.

Summary: 4/10
This is a very very VERY cliche mystery. I understand that it was the very first, but come on. A murder at a high school? Really? Ugh. Oh well. So here's how it went down.
So you're Nancy, of course, and you've been asked to help solve the murder of Jake Rogers, for he was pushed down the stairs. Because apparantly pushing someone down twelve stairs can totally just kill them right away. Yeah.
Anyway, so you've got to interact with high school kids, not let them know you're a detective, and figure out this mystery before the killer gets away. Cliche. Completely predictable, but pretty fun overall.

Characters: 3/10
I'm sorry, but these characters just failed. I'm going to say that they looked like people from the magic school bus. Everything was 3D except the characters. Fail.
Jake Rogers: Jake's the guy who got killed. Obviously you don't interact at all with him, but he seemed to be very mean. He ends up blackmailing in the middle of the game and it's just not very nice. Oh well, he's dead now. Haha. :P
Daryl Gray: Daryl is your 'guide' throughout the game. He works at Maxine's diner and you only have to talk to him two or three times. He's a total flirt, which is creepy, student body president, and the one that found Jake at the bottom of the stairs.
Hal Tanaka: Hal is a foreign exchanged student from Japan. He's very intelligent and is always studying. He wants to be a doctor and has to get a scholarship to a high up school or else his family will be disappointed in him and make him come back home. Dumb. I like him though.
Connie Watson: Connie is really annoying. She's one of those people that thinks they're right ALL THE TIME. She just kind of kicks you out of conversations all the time and it's just really annoying to talk to her.
Hector "Hulk" Sanchez: Jock. Do I really need to tell you all how I feel about stuck up jocks who think they're just SO cool because they can throw things?
Mitch Dillon: So apparently he's the boiler technician in the book, but in the game, he just is there all of the sudden. It's just like "Oh, then Mitch did this." It's like, okay. Mitch. Nice. Here he is.

Setting: 6/10
I'm going to admit that the setting was alright. You can go to four places in all; high school, Aunt Eloise's, Maxine's Diner, and Vandalay Pharmaceuticals. The only thing that I absolutely hated when you go to different places is (You guessed it.) the disc switching. UGH. It'd be cool if you just had to pop it in, then go right away, but NO. You have to wait like three hours for the stupid disc to load. Very dumb.

Graphics: 2/10
Not even gonna go there.

Snooping: 5/10
The snooping is rather up front, so it's not really snooping. It was pretty cool that you got to break in somewhere through a window, though. :)

Spookiness: 3/10
There's like two spooky things throughout the whole game. However, if I talk about them, it ruins the game. So yeah.

Conclusion: 3.8/10
This was not a very good game, but it was fun to play nonetheless. I'm glad I actually got to finish it by myself instead of watching arglefumph do it on youtube. Yay for the beginning of a fabulous series :)


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