Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Legend of the Crystal Skull review

Legend of the Crystal Skull. It's a good one, but it's not exactly my favorite. In fact, if I had to pick one of the newer ones that's my least favorite, it'd probably be this one. But oh well, it's got a good storyline. Anyway, here's my review on Legend of the Crystal skull.

Summary: 9.5/10
The storyline was probably the best part of this game, so I'm ranking it pretty darn high. You go to New Orleans, Louisiana, on a vacation with Bess to just hang out and have fun. However, Ned asks you to check up on a friend of his, Henry Bolet. (That's Bowl-ayyy, not Bowl-ettttt.) You find out that his great uncle has died and has left all of his stuff to Henry, his doctor, his housekeeper, and a dentistry school. 30% for each except for Renée, who gets 10%. Then you find out that he owned this magical crystal skull that he's hidden away, but you're not sure whether or not it's authentic. He was also the caretaker of a cemetary (in his backyard!) when he retired from being a dentist. Yeah. It gets really intricate and fabulous.

Characters: 8/10
Henry Bolet: Henry is the great-nephew of Bruno. He is responsible for taking care of all of Bruno's debts and such. He's kind of creepin at the beginning of the game, and he just seems irritated by you whenever you want to talk to him, but he's pretty cool. It's so sad though when he's crying for his parents at the crypt. I always feel bad when he runs away and Nancy's basically like "Okay, let's break into this crypt!"
Renée Amande: Renée is/was the housekeeper for Bruno. She believes in "hoodoo" and all that magical junk, which is kind of dumb, but what are you gonna do? She's just a weird lady.
Dr. Gilbert Buford: So he's really nice. I like him. He kind of creeps on Bess when you first talk to him, but other than that, he's super cool and friendly. Not to mention extremely helpful when it comes to finishing the game and stuff.
Bruno Bolet: Well you never actually interact with Bruno, because he's dead. But I thought that since he's kind of the reason this is all happening, I'd talk about him a little bit. If he were there, I think he'd be a suuuuuuper awesome old man with epic glass eyes. Yay Bruno! :D
Lamont Warrick: Lamont owns ZeKe's store on Rampart and Dumaine. You only go there a couple times, but it's really important when you do. Lamont has been looking for the crystal skull and such, but he has no idea that it's actually in Louisiana. He has nasal problems and is bothered by hot sauce, but he's a pretty cool guy :)

Setting: 6/10
Sorry, but I didn't like that you were crammed in a cluttered house and you couldn't actually leave. You just had to be Bess. Also, it's creepy.

Graphics: 8/10
Graphics are awesome. They don't look choppy at all and they're very fluid. However, it's very dark, so you can't play this game unless you're either in a dark room or it's night. My computer is right by three huge windows... yeah.

Snooping: 10/10
Snooping was awesome. You did so much of it, you might as well be a criminal. I can't say too much about it or it ruins the game, so sorry.

(Jeez, I'm keeping these paragraphs short...)

Spookiness: 7/10
There are spooky elements. (That doll, anyone? That was downright creepy.) This was definitely meant to be spooky, but it's not the spookiest one I've encountered. I'd have to say that it's not bad when it comes to being creepin, but it's nothing compared to some of the others.

Conclusion: 8/10
This game, as I said, is not my favorite of the newer ones, but the sequence is very very good. My only biff with this is that the game can be very confusing and hard to follow at times. It's one of my favorite storylines, though. Good job, HER, this was a pretty good one :)


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