Monday, May 31, 2010

Danger by Design review

Oh, memories. Danger by Design was the very first Nancy Drew game I've ever played in my life. It's what started it all, so blame Megan if I'm annoying you with all this Nancy stuff, because I played it with her. :) So anyway, here's my review.

Summary: 9/10
In this one, you're sent to Paris to find out why this couture designer has been going crazy, throwing tantrums, firing people left and right, and (most importantly) constantly wearing a creepin mask and not showing her face at all. So you go there and are posing as an intern so you can be more close and observe all the weird stuff that's going on. You're kind of an assistant to an assistant, which is kind of strange, but with all the other strange stuff going on, I don't question it.

Characters: 8/10
Minette: So this is the fashion designer who's been freaking out lately. She's very picky about a lot of stuff and has some trust issues. She loves her specially blended tea and says 'rude' instead of 'cool' or 'great'. She's a strange woman, but she's also very interesting. You must be careful though, one false move and she fires you! Here she is:
Creepin, right?
Heather McKay: She's pretty neat. Although she does something bad in the middle of the story, she's awesome. She can just say whatever she wants to Minette because she's not going to get fired, she's sure of it. Haha
"Heather, where's my pencil? You walked out with it again!"
"No, I didn't."
"Yes you did!"
"No, I didn't. Did you check behind your ear?"
JJ Ling: No, Gigi. JJ. GIGI. JJ!!! Yeah. JJ is who you're staying with. She's a plus sized model who bakes cookies and likes hangman. Also, I think she's Australian, but I'm not sure.
Jean-Michel Traquenard: If there's anything shinier than this guy's head, it's the medallion he wears. Seriously. So this guy is the gossip columnist... or something like that... at GlamGlam magazine Paris. He's always at the Cafe Kiki and uses it as his office. It's kind of dumb that this guy can't just go to his regular office and do his work, he has to sit at a cafe all day and do it. He's weird. He also hates people who "butcher his native tongue while he eats."
Dieter von Schwesterkrank: Whew, what a name. This guy is a German photographer that works with Minette a lot. He's got the coolest accent in the game and is my favorite character. Dieter is fabulous :)

Setting: 8/10
So you're in Paris. The only complaint is you don't see any cool stuff that's in Paris. However, it is Paris. You've got to give it that. :)
You just take the tram everywhere and it's cool because you don't have to pay for it.
I didn't like that you didn't get to walk the streets or anything, but I think my favorite place was Pont Neuf because you got to walk around instead of going straight to a door or something.

Graphics: 7.5/10
I liked the overall graphics, they were very fluid. However, all of the characters except Minette just looked really choppy and awkward, especially when they talked. I didn't like that their mouths just kind of opened and closed with nothing inbetween. They didn't seem to move right. Minette, for some reason, was very smooth when she moved. The water was good, too.

Snooping: 4/10
You didn't get to do very much snooping except when you were in Minette's office getting all the bugs. YUCK. >:P I hated that, it was disgusting. But there were like four instances where you got to snoop throughout the whole game.

I'm not going to rate spookiness because this game wasn't at all meant to be spooky. It was supposed to be rather unspooky, actually, so it would be dumb to rate its spookiness when there was no incentive to make it spooky.

Conclusion: 7.3/10
I really enjoy this game, it brings back fabulous memories with Megan and I love Paris anyway. It's a great game, but it has a dumb ending. I hated that they built it up for a dumb ending, but still. Some people like it, but some don't. Great, original, and wonderful. I love this game, it's great, and even though I've played it four times now, I'll never get sick of it. :)


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