Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I forgot to tell a story! :O

Okay, so I am dreadfully sorry, but I forgot to tell you a story. Shame on me.
So on Saturday night, my friends and I went downtown to a neat little coffee shop on Main street called The Elbow room. It was me, Megan, Cara, Shelby, and Helen. We had epic amounts of fun, as usual, and made many memories. Including the tradition of going to the elbow room every Saturday night at 7:00 PM to share triples. :)
Anyway, afterward, I went to Shelby's house to spend the night and watch Rent, which I'll come back to. Shelby's house was super fun & filled with hilarious stuff. We created lots of inside jokes such as "You are like a butterfly in a cocoon!", played the sims 3, and watched the Stuart video that includes our favorite quote. "Aaaannd... I'm just gonna sit here and... eeeeeeeeeeat a cookie."
Now it's Rent time. It was a super amazing musical that contained everything in the world. Seriously, that's probably one of the most random musicals ever. Drag queens, AIDS, and a neighborhood that lights their eviction notices on fire simultaneously while refusing to pay their rent. Super cool. Haha "Watch, I'll get the lock off this door!" "You're drunk." "No I'm not." WHABAM! I can now say that Rent is one of my favorites. Phantom, Sweeney Todd, Rent, and Moulin Rouge are probably my top four.
In conclusion, "WAAAAAAA! I don't want a black baby!" (That was not meant to be racist, so don't be all "Ohhh, Jasmine is all racist now. Shun!") I am looking forward to going to The Elbow Room with all of my best friends every Saturday, and I'm now a proud owner of Rent two disc special edition. Ze endddd!


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