Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trail of the Twister Review

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I was so excited to play this new game that I turned it on the second I had internet connection. (I'll tell you the story about going up north later.) I was like "Muahahaha, I don't care if I'm on vacation, I'm playing this game." I have to say it was pretty fantastic.

Summary: 8/10
The story is as follows: You're sent out to the Canute research facility (which studies tornadoes and such) to be the new intern/figure out what the heck's going on with all of their equipment. It's all breaking and malfunctioning and it's not exactly the best timing because the Canute team is in the middle of trying to win a $100,000,000 grant. I thought the plot was pretty thin throughout, but still really fun. I also liked actually driving, as I usually do. :)

Characters: 7.5/10
Scott Varnell: Omg. I'd rather hang out with Jane from Blackmoor. This guy is cranky, rude, annoying, and frankly unpleasant in just about every aspect. Plus, he has a strange beard. He's the, well, pretty much the team captain. He's in charge of the whole project and is very very skilled when it comes to tracking storms.
Debbie Kircum: Debbie is very helpful when it comes to everything. She's the beta when it comes to the team. She's even tempered and you can ask her about lots of stuff. However, she's always giving you chores and stuff which can be really annoying at times. And she's nagging you to go to bed constantly. So she's kind of like your mom. Yeah.
Chase Relerford: I loved Chase. Usually the whole "I was born and raised in the south and I have a southern accent" characters bother me, but he didn't. Except that he was really stingy when it came to pa pennies. He's pretty much the repair man for the team.
Tobias (Frosty) Harlow: Frosty is a lovely person. He's the media man for the team and is very good at what he does. However, he's very bad at giving you directions. He pretty much just tells you that you're going the wrong way, but doesn't tell you which way to go. Oh well. Frosty = good.
Pa: Pa was my favorite character in the game. He runs Ma and Pa's general store and is very very nice. He speaks to you with respect as long as you do the same, and he's generally a very pleasant person to be around. Pa is fantastic!

Setting: 8.5/10
The setting was really cool because you're in Oklahoma, weather varies, and you can choose where you drive to. I loved controlling the car, but not crashing was hard because there are a whole bunch of ignoramuses on the road. Seriously, I was going. You don't go at the same time or you die. Fail. Anyway, I liked the setting a lot :)

Graphics: 9/10
You may as well have been underwater. Everything was soooooo fluid that I was like "Yes! I love this! No more karate!" My one biff with the graphics is that words didn't match mouths! Seriously? I can't believe that's what ruined it.

Snooping: 5/10
You didn't really do much snooping. There were like two instances where you got to snoop, but that's it.

Not a spooky game, you know the drill.

Conclusion: 7.6/10
I liked this game, but it wasn't my favorite. Very weather oriented, obviously, which doesn't really interest me. But the storyline was good and the culprit made sense. I enjoyed it, great job HER. Next time, make words match mouths. :)


thatonegirl5305 on July 16, 2010 at 9:32 PM said...

I love Scott's beard. No dissing the beard. I liked Chase as well.

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