Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Curse of Blackmoor Manor review

The second I heard about this game, well, after actually playing one, I was excited to play it. Seriously, out of all of them, this one will appeal to those who're looking for something spooky. It's pretty fantastic, definitely in my top five, and I don't think I can ever get sick of it. So onto the review!

Summary: 9/10
The story with this one is that you have to go to England to figure out why this chick is totally secluding herself from the world, becoming angry with anyone who talks to her, and hiding herself behind a bedsheet constantly. This sounds like Danger by Design, I know, but it's very very different. First off, the reason she's doing this is more creepy, you have to do this in a scary manor filled with creepy people, about six hundred thousand secrets, and no help other than an elderly parrot and a cell phone. It also thickens quite a bit and turns into a double mystery because you have to, well, I can't exactly spoil it. Let's just say you'll need lots of patience if you plan to do it without a walkthrough. Speaking of, I think you need to play without the walkthrough to get the full effect of this game, but who really wants to do that? ;)

Characters: 8/10
Linda Penvellyn: Linda is very secretive in this game. She obviously believes in the supernatural, which you find out more about throughout the game. You never actually get to see her, obviously, because she's behind a bed curtain the whole time, and she's rather annoying to talk to because she's very easily angered. She'll just cut you off and stop talking, then tell you to get out.
Jane Penvellyn: Oh my goodness. If annoying could be bottled and put into someone completely, this would be the girl. Jane is twelve years old, is stuck at this manor all the time, and even has a private tutor. Because of this, her only entertainment is playing board games, puzzles, and even one that's computerized. Lucky you, if you ever need her for anything, it's always "Okay, but you have to play a game with me first." I do kind of feel bad for the poor girl, but still. It's kind of annoying to have to keep playing board games just to get a glow stick or something. However, if she wasn't obsessed with board games, she'd be an alright kind of child.
Mrs. Leticia Drake: Mrs. Drake is a snooty English woman. She loves plants, has hay fever, and you can die if you wake her up. Literally. I think I've covered her enough. :)
Nigel Mookerjee: I'm honestly going to say that the only cool thing about this guy is his last name. He's rather boring, but it's so much fun to scare him! :D
Ethel Bosinny: Ethel is no doubt the creepiest person in this entire game. There's one point where she literally appears out of nowhere. Actually, that happens quite a few times. She's very weird. You don't learn much about her.
Loulou: I love Loulou. There is no way anyone could ever beat her in a race for amazing. She's an 80 year old parrot who speaks fluent Latin, eats cake, and can give you tons of hints. Just as long as you don't give her any avocado :)

Setting: 7.5/10
You're stuck in a creepy English mansion the entire time, which is both awesome and terrible at the same time, but there are tons of things that make the setting amazing. However, if I tell you about them, it ruins the game. I'll only tell you that there's an awesome slide hidden somewhere in the manor, because that doesn't really ruin anything. The only thing that bothered me was that everything was very gaudy in the mansion. Tons of colors, random paintings, astrology everywhere... it's just weird.

Graphics: 6/10
They seemed kind of choppy. Nothing was really very fluid. For game number 11, you should have this whole karate problem fixed, HER. :)

Snooping: 10/10
Oh my goodness, you're literally snooping the entire time. No joke, if you're not snooping, you're talking to people or looking aroung for something to snoop around in. Seriously, this even beats The Phantom of Venice.

Spookiness: Also 10/10
The spookiest one I've ever played. Bravo.
I kid you not, this one gave me the chills at the beginning and I was on my toes for something to pop out at me the entire time. If you're looking for something scary, play this. If you're a chicken, I highly recommend that you don't play this one. Sorry.

Conclusion: 8.5/10
I love love love this game. It's not my favorite, but it's amazing anyway. I was super happy when I finally got to play this one because I'd been wanting to forever. I highly recommend this one to those who aren't afraid of a good creeping out. If there's an actual Blackmoor Manor, send me on the next plane to England. :)


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