Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes in this post, but I'm too tired to fix them.
I love marching band, but sometimes it's just kind of a "Why are you doing this to me when I was just having so much fun?"
Because of this, everything is sore except my head. My knees are especially taking it hard from marching backwards. I have nothing better to do, so I'm going to make a list.

Things I Love

About Marching

1. Dots. (Where you should be on the field in relation to the music.) They're epic. It took me a little longer to learn them, but once I got them, they were fantastic. :)
2. The music. It's challenging, but not too challenging. Plus, sectionals are fun.
3. Marching 8 to 5. (Eight steps to five yards) I am not meaning this in a bragging way, but I was pretty much a natural. The instructors were like, "Okay. Don't look down, but try to land on the yard line in eight steps." I was like "Crap. I won't be able to do this." But I did it perfectly, so I was very proud of myself. :)
4. The "family". Everyone in marching band loves each other and is very friendly. Well, unless you're really annoying, but you get the picture.
5. Instructors, because they're very helpful and patient. I was learning dots today and one of the instructors was patient with me and helped me get the hang of it through my first two dots until I got it right. They'll correct you if you're wrong, but do it in a nice way. They won't accept less than perfect, but that's what you need.

Things I, Well,

Don't Love About Marching

1. Horn angles. Omg. Keeping your arms up to maintain your horn angle feels like you're being stabbed repeatedly and the only way to stop this crazy stabbing is to put your arms down, but you're not allowed to. I feel dumb when I have to put my arms down because they hurt so badly and no one else does that I can see.
2. The fact that I lean when I have a horn in my hands. I can't help it, but I'm doing my best. Because my arms are hurting so badly, I don't focus on my posture, so I lean to support my instrument because I can't do it with my arms.
3. Heat and sweat. It's death. The second I hear "Okay guys, take five," it's pretty much the happiest moment of my life. I was disgusting, I literally got home and ran to the shower. YUCK.
4. Marching backwards. Most move to their right when they march backwards, which messes us all up and then our instructors make us do it again and again and again, which is terrible for your arms when you're holding a mellophone/baritone/sousaphone.
5. Pain in any aspect. Which is all around.

So yeah. It's a love/hate relationship. Once my arms aren't noodles anymore, maybe it'll be a bit different. :)


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